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About audio mastering:

Dictionary definition - the act of making a master recording from which copies can be made.

Pick.sel Mastering definition - mastering is the final process in audio production before it is officially released into the market. Essentially the "mastering" process is aimed at bringing music to the highest possible level of quality by using any instruments required to do so, without changing the original concept / structure (with the exception of specific requests).

About "analogue mastering" versus "digital mastering":


"Analogue mastering" is generally considered to produce much better audio quality than "digital mastering", however it is not entirely true. With the development of audio processing technology new ways and techniques of audio processing have been created. It is impossible to argue with the fact that "analogue mastering" produces the most desirable audio quality, however there are some digital tools that enhance "analogue mastering" and are not available as hardware (eg. certain mastering expanders / inflators) and there are digital / software mastering tools that produce an arguably better result than their analogue hardware counterparts

(eg. multiband compressors).

About "Loudness Wars":


There is nothing wrong with having your music mastered "loud" as long as loudness doesn't come at the cost of audio quality.